My Guiding Light, A Poem For Mum

Well today I am brooding…with all the drama going on with my sister, it has me thinking (dwelling I guess)

So I thought I would share a poem. I wrote it after Mum died, and read it at her funeral. It has helped me through…..

My Guiding Light

I can feel you in here with me,

it’s like you’ve never gone

yet I open my eyes, and I’m alone,

this whole thing feels so wrong.

You were the best, the brightest

always so loving and so kind,

the hole you leave will never heal

in the hearts you leave behind.

You had a smile to light up darkness,

a great loud booming laugh,

you threw yourself right into life,

never did anythings by halves.

Always kind and caring,

you did what you knew was right.

you taught me when to yield my ground,

and when to stand and fight.

You encouraged me to greatness

in things both large and small,

all my joys and triumphs,

you shared with me them all.

I will feel you in the sunshine

and splashing through the waves,

I will be the one you showed me how,

always truthful, kind and brave.


My Mum


3 thoughts on “My Guiding Light, A Poem For Mum

    • thanks Christy,
      It was hard to write, and even harder to read out loud to people at the funeral. Mum was always so ridiculously proud of my poems though, so I had to do it.
      I’m sorry to hear you have also lost your Mum, it’s such an all consuming pain isn’t it. I think we will miss them forever.


      • Oh the pain is horrible the first year. I can’t lie. But if you keep your heart open, you’ll see signs that she is still with you. It can be very comforting.

        Keep writing, it’s a great outlet and a way to honor your mom.

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