Operation Organize!

I’m feeling the stress lately. I feel like I am snowed under, with stress, with grief, but also with STUFF. So much stuff.

My house is a decent size, there should be no reason for it to feel so cramped, but to me it does. Lately I find that I am unable to fully relax or wind down, because everywhere I look there seems to be more STUFF, and NONE of it is where it should be!

I know it’s not really the clutter that is stressing me out, but surely getting rid of it will help.

So I have a mission. I am going to organize, purge, corral, whatever it takes to get this crap under control. So I can breathe again..

First up is the kitchen. I’ve already starting to tackle the pantry and cupboards. They are still works-in-progress, but even that small amount has made a HUGE difference to how I feel. I can find stuff….WITHOUT HUNTING FOR IT!!!!

Now to get the rest of the house in order….starting with the linen cupboard I think πŸ™‚



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