Mostly Paleo

Well, it’s been nearly 3 weeks now since I started this paleo experiment. I have to say, I REALLY like this way of thinking!

I’ve stopped thinking about being on a ‘diet’ and instead am thinking about good, fresh, real food. And it tastes yum!

I’m not doing 100% paleo, as I know if I put foods on the ‘I can’t eat, EVER’ list I will just crave them. So I am mostly paleo, but if I am out for dinner, or I really want a little something not-so-good, then I will. The key words being A LITTLE. I have eliminated grains (99% of the time) and rarely eat white potato any more. I still have dairy, but only minimal amounts. Processed sugar is out πŸ™‚

This approach seems to be working for me. I’m not finding it too restrictive, and can still eat familiar meals (with some tweaking). It’s also helping me branch out and try new recipes and foods I wouldn’t think of eating before.

As far as weight loss, I didn’t take a reading when I started, but have lost 2.6kg in the last 10 days. I feel good, really good πŸ™‚

I think I’m onto a winner here folks

Sweet potato crisps. Soo good

Sweet potato crisps. Soo good


5 thoughts on “Mostly Paleo

  1. 2.6 kg in 10 days is incredible!! You should be so proud of yourself.

    What kind of cravings are you having? How long have you been Paleo? <– I'll probably find out the answer to this question by reading more of your blog (which I plan to do).

    I'm a vegetarian so going fully Paleo isn't an option, but cutting out grains would be I've been highly considering it. At this point I'm 80%-90% gluten free (ie .I eat gluten free at home but not when I go out to dinner)

    Keep up the good work! I second what the last commenter said: be kind to yourself and enjoy the weight loss process.

    – Kendall

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    • Hi Kendall,
      I am very new to paleo, only around 3 weeks. So far it’s really good. I’m not really having too many cravings, and most can be dealt with paleo-style. Really wanted chocolate yesterday, so made chocolate mousse with avocado and cacao. Not quite right, but it did the job πŸ™‚
      I think I’m being pretty good to myself, if I’m at a BBQ or something then I’ll make the best choices I can, but not stress on it. Really trying to just relax and enjoy life a bit more
      I think in your case cutting out grains would be worth a try. I feel so much better for it. I don’t really miss them, just the convenience of being able to slap together a sandwich!


      • It is great that you are not getting bad cravings. I seriously crave mac n’ cheese when I’m having a bad day. I make it with brown rice pasta and low fat cheese but still… I would lose so much weight if I gave it up.

        I am strongly considering giving up grains. I hope you keep blogging regularly so I can follow along with your progress!


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