The evolution of “Mum’s Garden”

Mum’s Memory Garden

Mum's Memory Garden

Mum’s Memory Garden

Tomorrow will be 6 months since I lost Mum. It seems like only yesterday, and also like an eternity. Grief and sorrow are very strange things.

Something I have been doing to help me is pottering in the garden. In a particular garden.

One my sons and I are planting for Mum.

It sounds weird I know, but Memory Gardens hold a strong place in our hearts. We helped Mum plant one in her yard after her Mum (my Gran) passed. She kept working on it for years, including things that reminded her of Gran, and also of her two Dad’s.

Mum loved to potter in her garden, and I loved to join her there. I don’t think I ever visited Mum without getting my hands dirty helping in her garden somehow! I have wonderful memories of plant shopping, browsing nurseries, visiting beautiful gardens, and digging in the dirt with her. It was something that brought us both great joy, and my youngest son was always keen to help.

So it seems like the most natural thing in the world to carry this wonderful thought on, and honor Mum.

The yard in our house is very strange. It has 2 distinct halves, one on each side of the house. They are only joined by a tiny walkway along the back of the house itself. The larger side has the patio, and is the entertaining and main yard area.

The other side is smaller. It comes off the laundry, and has the washing line. Nobody ever goes there, and it is ugly and barren. The junk side.

Perfect!  🙂

Time to start planning. There was one fairly large Cottonwood tree in the corner. It was overgrown, and it’s branches touched the ground like a giant shrub. So the first thing we did was prune off all the lower branches to give us a nice ‘tree’ shape. It gave us so much more room, and a beautiful shady canopy!


Pretty tree, ugly space

Pretty tree, ugly space


It was so bare though. Being on a budget, I decided to ask around to see if anyone had anything we could use to help this space along. We were given enough wooden garden edging to do the entire space. Also a smaller amount of cute plastic fencing that looks like iron. I love it!

We slowly collected some plants. Most were given to us, or grown from cuttings.

The large water feature from Mum’s place (we helped her choose it long ago) was placed in the corner. It gives the space a lovely feel. I had a small table and chairs hanging around (they were used in my wedding years ago) so that gives us somewhere to sit. Very important for relaxing with a cuppa!

You can't garden without a cuppa!!

You can’t garden without a cuppa!!

I moved the bird cage around from the other side of the house. 3 of the budgies were Mum’s. She loved just watching them and listening to their chirping, and so do I.

We also placed some ornaments around the plants. Many belonged to Mum, some we just like. Others just feel like they fit.

The kids made some mosaic stepping stones. We will do some more at some point so we can make a little path with them.

the home made stepping stones

the home made stepping stones

It is a work in progress, and always will be. So many of the things in here hold meaning and memories for us. It is already a lovely quiet spot to sit and have a cuppa, or just to think. No one really comes out here, so I can have space to feel whatever I am feeling, and just potter about.

This little patch of garden makes me smile, and brings back memories of wonderful days spent with my Mum.

This garden makes me happy. That what gardens are meant to do 🙂

My happy place

My happy place









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