The Simple Things..

Life is complicated.

Life is hard.

Life is fast, and busy, and passes way too fast.

Life is also good, and wonderful, and very rewarding. 

In order to focus on the good, on the positive, I think I need to narrow down the distractions.

I need to simplify my life.

There are many things that come to my mind when I think of ‘simple’.

I think of less clutter. Less stuff. Being able to find what I’m looking for without a big stress. Things in my home having a place.

I think of food. Good food. Real food. Food with ingredients I can actually say. Food that I know where it has come from.

I think of time. Time to potter, time to think. Time to be with my family.

In these days of rush, worry, and horrible convenience foods, this sort of ‘simple’ life sounds like bliss to me!

I have decided to make a few changes. Nothing massive. Nothing super dramatic. Together though, I’m hoping these changes will bring me closer to the type of simplicity I crave right now.

I am de-cluttering. Getting rid of stuff. Bit by bit, day by day, bag by bag. Years of accumulated crap are leaving my house. Some is still good, just not needed, wanted or used any more. This is being sold, or taken to the op-shop. Some is total junk. Why-did-I-ever-keep-this type of junk. This is going straight into the bin. I have empty bags left in strategic spots around the house so whenever I open a drawer or a cupboard, I can quickly get a few things out that shouldn’t be there. That shouldn’t even be in my house!! So far this approach is working for me. I have done 2 trips to the op-shop, sold a few things, and totally filled the bin. It will be time for a tip run soon! I feel so much better opening a cupboard that I have already done. Being able to see what’s in there. For some reason it makes me feel calmer, more grounded. More in control.

I am changing how I look at food. Going away from convenience foods. Going back to basics. Real food. Hopefully food I have grown myself. So I have started a little veggie patch. Put in some herbs. The herbs I am already using in our meals, and it makes me feel really good to know I grew them. I can’t wait till we can harvest some veggies too. I am also hoping to get some chickens. You just can’t beat fresh eggs! They are amazing for composting food scraps down for use in the garden too. I have to wait for the OK from the real estate first, and I don’t know if they will allow it. I really hope they do. In the mean time I have found someone nearby who has chooks, and I am buying fresh eggs from them. With all this yummy, real food, I am trying to cook proper meals. Meals from scratch. Meals that don’t need a tin, a jar or a packet! So far I am having mixed success, but will keep trying and learning as I go.

As for getting more time, I think it’s a matter of managing it better. I am limiting what I agree to do, and focusing on what I feel is important for me now. I drink my afternoon cuppa in the garden, checking on the vegetables, instead of on the computer. I don’t watch as much television, and instead watch my son more. I have asked for and been given a day off work during the week. This is now MY time. Time I can use to shop, or cook, or plan the weeks menu. Time I can use in the garden, tending the plants. Time I can do nothing with if I choose, and just relax. The best sort of time 🙂

I feel as though I have just opened my eyes. Like I have just awoken to the possibilities. Like in some strange way, I am on the way to finding myself. My new self, my changed self. Because I will never again be who I was. That person has been forever changed by grief. I think my outlook on life has changed, and as I start to come to terms with that, I start to come to terms with the future I will have. The future without Mum.











One thought on “The Simple Things..

  1. This is a lovely post! ILOVE your glorious sunrise photo. Wowsers! And yes, I agree! Moves over the years have forced the decluttering issue, but what a favour that has done us! Chickens ought to be OK so long as you have no cockerels. Many homeowner associations are fine with hens, and what great pets they are! Watch out for them digging your veggies up, though. Make sure they have a roomy dedicated run. 😊 well done on your new resolve and keep us posted!


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