A fresh start


So this year is drawing to a close. Fading into twilight, ready for a new dawn.

It is bittersweet to see the closing of 2014, as it has been an odd year, a roller-coaster year, a year of extremes.

😦  It has been the first complete year without my Mum. This has, of course, been a really hard thing to get my head around. It has come with it’s own set of emotions and illogical behavior. It has raised a whole new set of challenges for my grieving boy. We are getting through it slowly, and we will be OK.

:/  This has been the year we were able to start the process of building an investment house. This is still ongoing, but the process has been started. It has only been possible because of Mum.

🙂  We have been on an amazing, long holiday, which was sorely needed by us all. It was full on, busy and heaps of fun.

🙂  I have added some chooks to my little menagerie, and now enjoy fresh eggs every day. They are very tame and friendly, and like to get attention.

🙂  The health of my immediate family members has been steadily improving. We are recovering from the challenges of late last year, and finding our feet again.

😦  My running has totally taken a backseat, and is virtually nonexistent now. I haven’t been back to PT all year. However I have been doing really well with my eating habits, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

😦  Work has been taking is toll on me. New management and internal politics have been hard for me to deal with, particularly in my current frazzled, only-just-coping mental state.

🙂  We have been working hard on improving my sons reading abilities, and are finally seeing some progress. More would be made if I could focus on it better, but I can only do my best.

😦  I feel I have been dropping the ball in all areas of my life, letting things slide. Family, home-life, cleaning, work and exercise. All have suffered due to my very lack-luster attitude.

🙂 My eldest son has decided to move up and live with us for a while. He has been getting into some strife at his Dad’s house, so is looking for a fresh start. It is great to see him engaging with us, excited about being part of our family. It makes me proud to see the effort he is making to help around the home, and make himself useful to my husband. I really think he can do well up here, and I love having him around.

So all in all 2014 has been a very mixed bag.

2015 however, is what we make of it.

It will be the year I pull myself out of the funk I am in. Be more present for my kids, put solid effort into the reading focus. It will be the year I start running again, as I enjoy it so much, and it is so good for my head-space. It will be the year I learn to survive without my Mum, as hard as that is to bear. This will be a golden year.

Because it will be what we make it.