Boil and bubble


It’s a hot one,

like 7 inches from the midday sun”

I really think Carlos Santana must have been living in the Pilbara when he wrote those lyrics!!! Man oh man it’s hot!!!!! All week it’s been sitting between 37-42 degrees (98-107 for my Yankee friends :))

It’s not just any heat either, it’s a really dry, horrible, suck-your-eyeballs-right-out-of-your-head heat.

The ground is scorching, the few plants are brown and very sad, my car becomes an oven two seconds after I turn off the air con. And don’t even think about touching the outside of the car..or the seat belt buckles..or anything metal really. Think instant branding iron. The water from the cold tap is hot enough to scold you when you first run it, and only cools down to warm-and-toasty. I haven’t used the hot tap for my showers all week, and they still feel hot!!!

So as you can imagine not a lot is getting done around here. It’s school holidays, so I have a house full of kids, but it’s far too hot to take them anywhere. Go to the beach and you burn in 5 minutes, and the water feels like you are swimming in pee anyway :/  So we are watching lots of movies. And TV shows. And Xbox. Basically anything that requires us to be inside and move as little as possible.

The poor animals are really feeling it though. They don’t have the modern luxury of air con (I worship whoever invented that!) The dog has dug a hole in the shady garden bed that goes half-way to China, and seems content to never leave it. Even for food. The budgies are all huddled on the floor of the aviary, chilling in the puddle I make for them each day. And the poor chooks! Those girls seem to really be struggling the most. I have put up so many shade sails, and keep watering down their run. They have fresh water, ice blocks, frozen food….none of it seems to help. They are still listless and panting. There’s not much more I can do for them, when even the very air we are breathing feels hot enough to burn the inside of your throat.

The weather department keep teasing us, and saying we will get rain. Thunderstorms, even the possibility of a cyclone. Bring it on I say!! Anything to blow away this heat! It rained for all of 2 minutes yesterday. Didn’t even wet the ground. Not even enough to settle the dust.

Ah yes, gotta love the Pilbara summer!!!!