An open letter to my estranged sister, on the morning of her wedding

An open letter to my estranged sister on her wedding day


I know all that has passed between us has been hard, and often hurtful, but there are some things I need you to know.

To start the past is the past, we both have faults, and we are who we are. We are different people, and will never ever be friends. But we will always be sisters, even if we don’t want to be.

Today is your wedding day. I hope it’s a happy day for you. I hope you can focus on the joy and love of the day, and that Mum’s absence doesn’t make it too hard for you. I know you will be thinking about her, and missing her like crazy. I know she would be so happy that you are finally healed enough to take this step. Take some quiet time to remember her, and how much she loved you. Shed your tears, but then put them aside. Mum always only wanted you to be happy. So be happy, for her.

I wish I could be there with you. Be there for you. That I could help you get ready, laugh at your nerves, pour you a drink. I wish I could be a part of your day, however small a part. I know why you didn’t invite me. I get it. It’s been so long since we have spoken. There is so much pain and hurt. On both sides. I know in my heart that you made the best choice for you, and I get it. It’s your wedding day. But man, I wish I was there. I want it so much it hurts.

I wish I could somehow change the past. Change the way we both acted.At least find some way to get past it. But the past shapes the present, and we both have to live with it. I want you to know that I am sorry for my part in our problems, and that I forgive yours. I really do. I’m not past the pain and hurt, but I forgive your part in causing them. I hope one day you can forgive mine.

I hope today marks the start of a beautiful marriage, and that your life with your family is everything you want it to be. I hope you acheive your dreams, with your husband standing by your side. I wish you every happiness life has to offer.

I really just want you to be happy. Every day, but especially today. Be happy.

I want you to know that no matter how far apart we are, how distant, you are still my sister. I still love you. I couldn’t stop if I tried.


the Freckle-Faced Monster





3 thoughts on “An open letter to my estranged sister, on the morning of her wedding

  1. It still surprises me how seemingly random bloggers connections happen nearly always with people with similar experiences, way of thinking, and how easy what strangers write gets close to the bone. I do not know your circumstances, but I completely get what you are saying. First let me say, that you will always miss your mother. With time, as everyone says, the loss would not feel as sharp, and you will learn how to live with it. Occasionally, in difficult times, in our weak moments we so wish we can talk to our mothers just for a few moments. I am 62 now, and lost my mother when I was 37. I still think about her nearly every day. It is not a burden, it is a safe place to be. And I do understand unbearable hurt an estrangement brings. There is life after that, too, different, but full good life. It takes a lot of effort to get there.
    I wish you and your family all the best, we are all just people.

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      • I am only glad to be of help in your household transformation. As difficult as it sounds and is at the beginning, I can reassure you that it can be done without compromising on food quality and taste. Though my husband has no problems with any food, we are happily living gluten free for many years now. It was not an objective, but a natural progression as time went by. The adjustment takes time and effort, but gluten free living, at least at home, is as delicious and enjoyable as the regular one.


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