Coeliac and stress, and the emotional merry-go-round of life

What a full on and draining few months I have had!

Things have been piling up on me, and I have been really struggling to cope.

Problems with friends, worry about my health, and problems with my sons health. It’s all been a bit much to handle.

My son has been sick a lot for the last few years. Digestion problems, pain and cramping. We have been seeing a few different doctors, and I have suspected Coeliac Disease for a while. Finally they came back with a diagnoses, I was right. It’s not too bad when you consider some of the alternate diseases they were looking into. I can cope with Coeliac.

So now he needs to go strictly gluten free, for life. He is taking it really well, he just wants to feel better. Me…different story. I feel I have gone into stress overload. I seem to always be thinking about his diet, what he can and can’t eat, tying to find alternatives so he doesn’t miss out. Shopping now takes forever, reading every label on every product, double checking ingredients before it goes in the trolley. It all makes my head spin.

Then there is cross contamination to think about. Just one crumb can make him so ill, and do damage to his digestive system. So we need separate toasters, new chopping boards, it’s just insanely intense.

I have problems with stress and anxiety anyway, and major problems sleeping. So I can feel myself going downhill, slipping into the rabbit hole. The more I worry, the less I sleep. Then lack of sleep makes everything feel worse, and that makes me stress more. It’s like a horrible merry-go-round that just keeps spinning faster and faster while the music gets louder and louder…

I know I need to jump off, calm down, but just can’t seem to find a way.

I’m hoping a bit of time will make it easier, make me feel more confident and comfortable that I can do this, I can help my boy get healthy.

I just need to get through this part now….and some sleep sure wouldn’t hurt